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The attorneys at Dickson, Kohan & Bablove are different from the other law firms out there. Because we used to work for the insurance companies, we know how they think, what tactics they will use against you, and how to protect you from them.

When you are looking for a car accident lawyer Orange County, call someone who has experience on both sides of the table and can increases your chance for a successful outcome to your case.


We Know How to Fight

We are fighters—pure and simple. We will not simply recommend the first offer that the insurance company sends your way if it isn’t what your case deserves. Instead, we will work diligently to build your case so that we can prove why you deserve more compensation.

By backing up our claims with facts, evidence, and a well-prepared argument, we can ensure that you are treated fairly and that your case will be considered according to the true circumstances of your accident.


You Get a Partner

Instead of working with a new associate, you will receive the benefit of working with one of our firm’s partners.

Typically, when you hire a car accident lawyer Orange County from most other law firms, this is not the case. We do things differently because to us your case deserves the very best.


We Take Hard Cases

If you have been told by another attorney that your case is too complicated or would be difficult to prove—call us. A car accident lawyer Orange County from our firm will have the knowledge and experience to properly evaluate your car accident case and advise you on your options.


Vehicle Type Can Affect Your Accident

While most accidents tend to happen between two passenger vehicles (cars, vans, pickup trucks, etc.), there are other types of vehicles and people they share the road with:

  • Motorcycles
  • Large trucks and 18-wheelers
  • Bicyclists
  • Pedestrians

What you hit during your accident will have an impact on the damages and injuries caused. Motorcycle accidents often leave the biker with serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and spine injuries such as a severed spinal cord and fractured vertebrae. Likewise for bicyclists and pedestrians—although they tend to have even less protection than motorcyclists.

Truck accidents, on the other hand, tend to put the passenger vehicle at a disadvantage. Because trucks are so much bigger and heavier than cars, occupants of passenger vehicles usually experience serious physical injuries and sometimes even emotional trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Head-On Collisions Are Dangerous for Both Drivers

In a head-on collision, both vehicles collide front-to-front. These accidents often involve high speeds and can lead to serious damage to both vehicles.

Injuries during a head-on collision can be equally severe. Head injuries, neck and back injuries, broken bones, and internal bleeding are all possibilities.

Repair bills and medical expenses—if you weren’t at fault, then the other driver should have to pay for them. A car accident lawyer Orange County from our firm will have the know-how necessary to successfully represent your case and negotiate with the other party.


Rollover Accidents Mean Big Damages

Even if you weren’t injured in a rollover accident, your vehicle is all but certain to be seriously damaged. While many rollovers involve more than one vehicle, many are also single-car crashes.

Even if you were the sole driver involved in an accident, someone else could still be responsible. Poor road conditions such as improper shoulder drop-offs or poorly marked construction zones could all lead to a rollover.

If you aren’t certain what the cause of your accident was, a car accident lawyer Orange County from Dickson, Kohan & Bablove can investigate and determine who was really at fault.

Car Accident Cartoon
Car Accident Cartoon

Sideswipes Can Surprise You

What makes sideswipe accidents so dangerous is that many drivers don’t see them coming. Sideswipes often happen on multi-lane highways between two cars travelling in the same direction.

When one driver swerves to avoid something or leaves his or her lane due to drowsy or distracted driving, a sideswipe can occur. If the drivers involved are able to regain control, then a dented fender or ruined paint job may be the worst of it, but if one of the drivers loses control, a multiple-vehicle accident becomes a very real possibility.

Proving a sideswipe can sometimes be difficult, especially if you didn’t see it coming. You may not even realize what caused the accident. Your car accident lawyer Orange County will help you determine just where the fault was and how to proceed with pursuing financial compensation.


Rear-End Accidents Are Bad for Your Neck

Much like with sideswipes, many drivers don’t see rear-end accidents coming. However, afterward it’s usually pretty clear exactly what happened. Distracted driving, speeding, and drunk driving tend to be behind a large number of rear-end accidents.

Occupants of the car that gets rear-ended often experience whiplash and other neck injuries due to the sudden impact and the jerking motion it causes. Whiplash can be painful and may take months to recover from fully.


Valuing Your Injury Claim

If you want to know what your accident claim might be worth, call a car accident lawyer Orange County at our office. We can meet with you, discuss your injuries in detail, go over the details of what happened, and correctly value your claim. When doing so, we will consider all of the ways that your injuries have impacted both your lifestyle and your bank account.

Our objective is to maximize the value of your claim, and we can do so by including all of the accident-related expenses you have faced—and will face in the future.

  • Your lost wages
  • Expenses associated with hiring people to help you or your children
  • Physical therapy
  • Transportation expenses
  • Future medical care
  • And more

Be sure to inform us of all of the ways that your accident has impacted you so that we can pursue as much compensation as possible for you.


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